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Austin Magic Cleaners is a premier cleaning company providing a spectrum of professional cleaning services in Austin. We have years of industry experience and pride ourselves on our cleaning expertise, dependable team, and our commitment to exceeding expectations in delivering a cleaner home. We aim to maintain the cleanliness of your home without burdening your budget. Here are a few reasons to choose us:
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14 days warranty after service
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15 years of experience
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Your sofa is a sanctuary that requires dedicated upkeep, but often it gets overlooked due to our busy lives. Like your bed, your sofa is in regular use, collecting unnoticed stains, bacteria, and odors over time. That’s where Austin Magic Cleaners steps in! We treat your sofa with the deep-cleaning care it requires, employing our upholstery cleaning expertise to prolong the cleanliness and freshness of your furniture.

Every cushion is meticulously cleaned by our professional sofa cleaning crew. Whether it’s leather or fabric, rest assured your furniture will be returned stain-free and devoid of any discoloration. Our advanced cleaning equipment and methods ensure you’re prepared for countless comfortable nights in.



Regular vacuuming doesn’t fully rid your rugs of dust, dirt, and allergens. To maintain clean and allergen-free area rugs, trust Austin Magic Cleaners, the top-rated rug cleaners. We handle your rugs with utmost care and adhere to the highest green standards in rug cleaning. Under the strict supervision of our trained managers, we employ a tailored approach at every rug cleaning stage, delivering unparalleled organic cleaning services.



Through extensive experience, we’ve found a unique brand of soaps that deliver the best results for cleaning and restoring leather furniture. Many cleaners dehydrate leather, but ours prevent this issue, facilitating long-lasting use and appropriate hydration at the microstructural level of leather pieces. Furthermore, we utilize non-toxic, eco-friendly soaps derived from non-chemical components. For long-neglected leather, we apply an oil coating to protect your precious leather from wear and tear. For a revitalizing touch to your leather furniture, choose Austin Magic Cleaners.



Keeping a mattress immaculate is a tough task, and certain chores go beyond a mere dusting. Over time, even if a mattress appears clean, it accumulates sweat, skin cells, and bacteria leading to unpleasant odors. At Austin Magic Cleaners, we have the know-how to eliminate even the most stubborn dirt, providing a thorough mattress cleaning service that refreshes your bed entirely. Make your quality mattress last longer with our affordable deep-cleaning solution.



Some odors are so stubborn that they require professional attention. Culinary smells, tobacco smoke, water damage, and pet-related accidents can lead to embedded dirt and odors in absorbent surfaces like carpets, rugs, and upholstered furniture over time.
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Once a certain smell infiltrates the fibers, removing it without professional assistance becomes nearly impossible. Relying on standard household cleaning products could potentially harm your fabrics and pose a health risk.

Unpleasant odors are typically caused by bacteria present in the staining material. Factors such as diet and health issues can influence the intensity of body perspiration and pet urine odors.

A comprehensive steam cleaning by a professional cleaning service like Austin Magic Cleaners can significantly reduce or completely eradicate these persistent odors.


Absolutely. Our non toxic gentle cleaning solution deep cleans your carpet while being friendly to our environment. We take great pride In being an Eco- Friendly Company.

After our Ultra Clean service, carpets are left just slightly damp to the touch. Most carpets usually dry in 4-5 hours. However any areas that require additional cleaning or preconditioning may take longer to dry. If drying time is a concern, we can take special steps to try to speed this process up for you. You are able to walk on the carpet right after the cleaning. However, we recommend putting on a clean pair of slippers. Ideally is not to walk on them of course.

Yes. Our service includes treating for all spots and stains that have not dyed the fibers of your carpet. Red dye stains and pet stains are examples of stains that can dye or discolor carpets permanently. Our Service Technicians are experts at treating difficult stains.

Yes. Our exclusive treatments eliminate urine deposits deep in your carpet. Our enzyme producing treatment can remove both stains and offensive odors, leaving your carpets fresh and sanitized. In severe cases, we can also treat the padding under the carpet.

No. Our prices are based on rooms and mini areas. Mini Areas are defined as: hallways, bathrooms, entry ways and closets.

Our service includes moving basic furniture. This includes: Sofa’s, loveseats, chairs, tables. All furniture is placed on protective pads after the cleaning. With larger items that can not be moved, we can clean right up against the items without touching it. So, there will be no borders where we did and did not clean. If possible we do ask that you remove any breakables from these items before our arrival.

We typically ask 3 things from our clients:

  • Open the blinds and curtains in the rooms to be cleaned so we get as much light on the carpet as possible.
  • Remove breakables from the furniture we will be moving.
  • Turn ceiling fans on to encourage fast drying times.

Our exclusive 5 Step service includes separate steps for Preconditioning, Stain Treating and Deep Extraction Rinsing. This Ultra Clean procedure gives you the deepest clean possible with no residues left in the carpet after cleaning.

Our company also has strict requirements of the techs that represent our company. These are all seasoned professionals who actually have a stake in their local branch. Because of this partnership arrangement with our service techs , you can be assured to get a service that will surpass your expectations.

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    The moment particular smell penetrates fibers, it is almost impossible to remove the odor without professional help. Don't try to remove odors with regular household cleaning products. Moreover, excess use of regular household cleaning products can cause damage to fabrics of any kind and worse yet: be dangerous to your health.

    Disturbing odors are caused by bacteria in the material that caused a stain. There are other factors that affect the concentration of a smell such as diet and health issues when it comes to body perspiration and pet urine.

    A detailed deep steam cleaning done by a professional cleaning service can help reduce or eliminate awful odors.

    No pillow goes untouched by the skilled hands of our couch cleaning team. Leather or fabric, your furniture will return to you unstained and completely free from discolouration due to our advanced cleaning equipment and techniques, ensuring you will be ready for all those cozy nights in.